Capital Essentials

A suite of engineering software tools dedicated to wiring and harness design, crafted to suit companies that emphasize intuitive interfaces and cost efficiency alongside powerful functionality.

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VeSys Electrical Design Software Solutions from Siemens DIS

Why choose Captial Essentials?

The Capital Essentials suite has been carefully designed for swift implementation and minimal IT impact. Offering effortless installation, this solution empowers users to achieve impressive returns on investment while utilizing effective and intuitive features.

Effortlessly link wiring design data with harness designs through seamless integration.

Deploy individually or in tandem.
Experience the Capital Essentials suite, which includes  data compatibility with companies using Capital – making it ideal for partners, suppliers and subcontractors of OEMs. Companies can use Capital Wiring Designer Essentials and Capital Harness Designer Essentials tools individually or together.

Optimize your electrical and harness design with advanced features within your budget.
Achieve accurate and error-free results with extensive validation options, including simulation for continuity, voltage drop, current direction, and complex calculations.

Automate production documents and reports.
Automate the engineering of harnesses to efficiently produce drawings, bill of materials (BOMs), costings, numerical control (NC) files, and manufacturing reports through intelligent reporting.

Shorten design workflows for efficient outcomes.
Captital Essentials provides cutting-edge MCAD collaboration tools and  computerized verification processes to ensure design reliability and efficency.

Drive innovation in electrical harness design engineering.
By replacing outdated tools, software and working processes with advanced alternatives, engineers can experience greatly increased efficiency. Rapid ROI can be achieved ensuring your engineering department is ready to innovate rather than firefight.

Empower your Electrical engineering teams with tools that will increase productivity without the need for additional engineering resource.

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