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Simulation and analysis for rapid error free electrical and harness designs

Contemporary electrical systems require precise and efficient work to produce quality products in short design cycles. Manual methods and data sharing are insufficient for intricate products and vehicles. Capital Essentials’ design and analysis functionality allows for rapid, error-free electrical and harness designs through automation and time-saving features, freeing up teams to prioritize innovation.

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The complexity of modern electrical systems demands accurate and efficient work for producing high-quality products and meeting shorter design cycles. The reliance on manual engineering methods and data sharing is insufficient for these complex products and future advanced vehicles. The solution is adopting new methods. Capital Essentials provides design and analysis functionality that helps engineers deliver rapid, error-free electrical and harness designs through automation, analysis, and time-saving features. Teams can then focus their energy on innovation.

Benefits of using simulation and analysis design tools

  • Understand design behavior with real-time feedback,
  • Better design decisions with numeric data.
  • Mitigate issues early to avoid late stage errors and design changes.
  • Verify your designs with advanced automation.

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