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Updates, support and community links for your software tools.

Software Support Resources

Providing the essential tools, expertise and know-how to get maximum value from your investment in our software technology. Primary support contact points are located immediately below but we encourage you to use the ticket option so our engineers can prepare for your call. Indirect support is also available through a number of on online resources which we have also listed for you.

Siemens Online Support Resources

Access Siemens extensive online knowledgebase to find the most recent software updates, download or view the latest documentation and access online communities to discuss problems and solutions with your peers.

Siemens Support Center

Software Updates

Including the latest releases and product enhancements to keep you up to date

Resources & Documentation

Explore resources organised by product, category and version. View software documentation and installation guides

Solve Problems

Access Siemens extensive troubleshooting knowledge base

Siemens Communities

Support Forums

Learn through asking questions and getting answers. Share your expertise on issues, best practices, and experiences. Connect with a global community of engineering professionals

Share & Browse Info

Share articles, product ideas and best practices with other engineers. Browse the extensive existing knowledge base.

Downstream Online Support Resources

Download all the latest software updates and gain access to Downstream’s extensive knowledge base of guides and tutorials for Cam350, DFMStream and Blueprint PCB. Need direct help from IC Blue Ltd Open a support ticket with the link below.

Training Services

Tap into unrivalled product knowledge and design experience with expert training.

To maximise your success in using our technology, IC Blue Ltd provides a complete range of Training Services from the world’s most experienced technology trainers. The instructors are product experts with decades of industry, product, manufacturing and design experience. Whether you are looking to acquire new skills, enhance your product knowledge or need to get a new team proficient, we can help.

Siemens Digital Software Industries Training

Training Courses from the Xcelerator academy for Siemens EDA application users. Expertly designed with flexible delivery to meet your needs.

Downstream Technologies Training

Use the link below to contact us and discuss your needs for training on Downstream Technologies software products.

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