Capital Wiring Designer Essentials

Capital Wiring Designer Essentials software provides a graphical environment for creating wiring diagrams. Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks.

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VeSys Electrical Design Software Solutions from Siemens DIS

Why Capital Wiring Designer Essentials?

Capital Wiring Designer Essentials captures physical wiring delivering automation for simulation and
verification, dramatically improving data quality, and reducing development cycle times.
Capital Wiring Designer Essentials supports ECAD/MCAD integration with all major MCAD systems in
order to eliminate errors, support electro-mechanical co-design, and reduce the frequency of release.

Utilizing integrated electrical behavior and automation for design validation

Utilize simulation for efficient design
Validate designs in real-time to eliminate errors promptly during the design process.

Design with Confidence
This streamlined and full-featured tool empowers you to design with confidence. The customizable drawing styles and intelligent libraries for components, symbols, and simulation models ensure accuracy and precision. Seamlessly integrate with MCAD systems for 3D harness routing and wire length back-annotation.

Automate the production of reports and documentation.
Generate reports for wires, connectors, and devices utilized in your design effortlessly. Create diagrammed device and wire index tables, and include complete sheet and zone referencing within your drawings. These will update automatically as you make modifications.

Employ metric monitoring to enable timely correction.
Utilize analysis to detect issues in the early stages of the design process, minimizing time and cost required for correction.

Prevent errors and save time
Mistakes can be avoided and time can be saved through the use of automation to cross-reference parts and wires found across multiple sheets. The easy-to-use circuit design and harness development environment ensures an intuitive and productive experience, making adoption a breeze.

Enhance profits
Effortlessly integrate the solution into current procedures and settings. In general, achieving return on investment (ROI) happens in under 12 months.

Easily scale when needed
Leverage the Capital Essentials suite, which is designed for rapid deployment and easy installation, to achieve dramatic ROI using powerful functionality. Use design and harness tools individually or deploy them together. Allow wiring design data to flow seamlessly into the associated harness designs to reduce effort and minimize the risk of errors. If needed, users can employ seamless upgrades to the full Capital software suite. 

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