Capital Harness Designer Essentials

Efficient wiring harness design tool for simplified development of intricate wiring harness designs.

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Why Capital Harness Designer Essentials?

Capital Harness Designer Essentials enables efficient wire harness design and engineering with smooth integration with leading MCAD systems. The software provides automated 1:1 scale, formboard-style diagram generation, resulting in reduced manufacturing quality costs, better inventory leverage, and quicker turnaround times.

Accelerate harness design to avoid the delays inherent in traditional design processes.

Rapid Deployment for Objective Achievement
Utilize independently or in combination with Capital Wiring Designer Essentials for optimized flow of wiring design data to corresponding harness designs, reducing errors. Ensure designs are accurate with integrated electrical behavior and automated component selection techniques.

Designing with Confidence
Integrating wiring, harness, and mechanical computer-aided designs can promote reuse, data coherency, and cross-domain collaboration. By automating the generation of connector, wire, and splice tables, it is possible to calculate wire-lengths and include terminal and connector add-on/knockoff values. Furthermore, wiring and harness design can be integrated to aid in the importing of wires, connectors, and splices, while also back-annotating their lengths. Finally, built-in intelligent libraries for components and symbols can be used for optimal efficiency.

Monitor metrics for early correction
Use analysis to catch issues early in the design process where they are least time consuming and expensive to correct

Accelerate your harness design process.
Implement an automated parts selector to streamline your harness design process. This powerful tool configures and selects terminals, seals and wires for each connector, accounting for add-ons and knockoffs. Say goodbye to traditional design problems with this innovative solution.

Efficient documentation generation
Upon completion of a harness, leverage the robust reporting capabilities to swiftly generate the manufacturing documentation. The reports are generated directly from the design drawing, ensuring quick and precise information. This can considerably decrease production lead times and prevent manufacturing errors.

Utilize adaptable formboard format options.
Implement swift graphical layout and engineering of harness and formboard designs. Sketch out harnesses in non-scaled or full-sized utilizing formboard layout capabilities.

Improve revenue
Easily deploy the tool into existing processes and environments. Typically, return on investment is achieved in less than 12 months.

Easily scale when needed
Leverage the Capital Essentials suite, which is designed for rapid deployment and easy installation, to achieve dramatic ROI using powerful functionality. Use design and harness tools individually or deploy them together. Allow wiring design data to flow seamlessly into the associated harness designs to reduce effort and minimize the risk of errors. If needed, users can employ seamless upgrades to the full Capital software suite.

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