Capital Essentials - White Paper

The power of automation and simulation for wire harness design

Using Capital Essentials to achieve rapid wire harness design

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Efficient and accurate manufacturing of complex wire harnesses requires seamless collaboration between various teams in different locations. Traditional processes and solutions are no longer adequate. Enhance accuracy, efficiency, and collaboration through a comprehensive suite of wiring and harness design software tools. Siemens’ Capital™ Essentials offers a solution that utilizes simulation, automation, and integration to expedite your manufacturing timeline. For comprehensive insights into your potential journey with Essentials, download the white paper now and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to choose the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

How Terma A/S uses Capital Essentials

Terma A/S is a Danish aerospace and defense manufacturer that has optimized its processes and procedures by utilizing Capital Essentials. Terma engineers have efficiently implemented Capitals’ parts library, reducing redundancy. Furthermore, their engineering speed and accuracy have been enhanced through the utilization of Capital Essentials’ design automation and auto-generation capabilities.

Interested in learning more? Access this white paper to experience a comprehensive briefing on Terma’s Capital Essentials expedition, your imminent voyage with Essentials, and what to contemplate before beginning your mission.

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