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Accelerating Electrical Harness Design

Efficient Harness design workflows continue to challenge engineers. Siemens’ solutions successfully meets late-stage design alterations, saving valuable time in laborious manual changes. Attend this webinar to learn more about our  approach.

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Join Siemens Digital Industries Software and IC Blue Ltd for the webinar focused on advanced strategies and tools to enhance your harness design process. This webinar is specifically designed to address challenges faced by engineers dealing with manual workflows or managers looking to drive innovation within their organizations. Explore methods to simplify collaboration, automate verification processes, and improve design quality while optimizing ROI.

For Engineers

Electrical harness design engineers often grapple with subpar tools such as Microsoft Office’s Excel and Visio, resulting in inefficiencies and reduced productivity within their discipline. However, tailored software solutions exist to overcome these hurdles, enhancing the engineering process and driving design improvements.

  • Eliminate repetitive manual work in Electrical harness design.
  • Full Integrations between Electrical and Mechanical design Environments
  • Automating design checking and verification.
  • Exploit accurate component modelling enabling correct-by-construction designs

For Engineering Leaders

Advanced software solutions have transformed how electrical harness engineers operate in their discipline. By replacing outdated tools with modern alternatives, engineers can achieve heightened efficiency, foster better collaboration, and gain improved visibility into electrical systems. This leads to increased confidence in design and more time for innovation, minimizing firefighting efforts.

  • Develop joined up engineering between electrical and mechanical design departments and save critical engineer hours.
  • Understand how electrical harness design tools can give rapid ROI making your business more competitive
  • Empower your Electrical engineering team with “the right tools for the job” that increase productivity without the need for additional engineering resource.

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