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Global Electronic Component Sourcing Specialist delivering exceptional quality, excellent value, outstanding service with a global reach, backed by Aerospace quality accreditation.

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Your Supply Chain Partner for Great Service! Allocation Issues. Obsolete Components. Cost Savings. Global Sourcing.

IC Blue Ltd has been sourcing electronic components since 2003 and holds defence and aerospace quality accreditation (AS9120)

 We sit in the middle ground between direct manufacturer supply and franchised distribution offering accountable electronic component sourcing services tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

With our global supplier database, we can solve your supply chain problems while offering all the services you would expect from traditional franchised distribution including Buffer Stocks, Scheduling, Rebate Contracts and more. 

All this is backed by a 5-year electrical function warranty

Global Sourcing

With over 2400 approved and graded global vendors, IC Blue Ltd has the reach to solve the problems associated with Manufacturer Lead Times, Allocation Periods, Obsolescence Issues and the Increased Price Pressures created by today's hyper-competitive marketplace.

Our resilient supply chain empowers our customers with access to our global database, ensuring you get the components you need, safely, on time and at the best market price.

Direct MFG Agreements

Quality Assurance

As a global distributor of electronic components, we are driven to exceed customer requirements and expectations while continually striving to improve our supply chain. IC Blue Ltd are aligned to the stringent Aerospace (AS9120) and Defence industry (SC21) standards.

All warehouse staff are fully IPC certified logistics and inspection personnel who follow a distinct goods in procedure that is aimed at identifying counterfeit or poor quality components.

Since 2016 IC Blue Ltd has achieved a "Delivered Right First Time" Quality KPI of 99.81%+. This statistic is independently verified by the SC21 organisation.

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